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Stash Jar BLK Two Pack

Stash Jar BLK Two Pack

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Enjoy the aroma and flavor of your favorite herbs for long with the STASHAROO jar. This airtight container is designed to store items like cookies, herbs, tea, coffee, sugar, seeds and spices while making sure they are protected against the elements. The smell proof construction ensures the scent of its contents stays locked inside to retain freshness and prevent humidity from spoiling their taste.

The stash jar is made from high quality aluminum alloy that is extremely sturdy and durable. It is shatter proof and does not corrode to keep your stash safe inside. The lid is sealed by a rubber O-ring to make the jar aroma proof, waterproof and air tight. This ensures no smell escapes the jar so you can carry your preferred herb, spice or coffee without giving off a trail of scent. Its opaque appearance also blocks all kinds of UV light to prevent decay in flavor while keeping prying eyes away from its internals.

Each smell proof container has an internal capacity of 180 ml while measuring just 4.05 x 2.4 inches. This makes the jar highly compact and gives it a small footprint so you can stow it away in a drawer or throw it in the backpack while traveling. Simply unscrew the top lid with the help of diamond knurling that lets you open the stash container even with wet hands.

The base of the jar can also be unscrewed giving you easy access to the container for thorough cleaning and drying. Preserve freshness with STASHAROO stash jar. Order today!

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