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Black Nero Fatty Pouch

Black Nero Fatty Pouch

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“What IS that smell???”
We’ve all been there. The awkward moment in public with those uncomfortable looks. The embarrassment of people making “skunk face”

Time to get that funky odor under wraps

Introducing - The Stasharoo Smell Proof Bag with Lock. Designed in the USA by in-house fabric and fashion experts. This odor proof pouch is Functional, Stylish and most of all Discreet 

Activated Carbon Technology 

Trapping the smelliest of smells is easy work for this odor proof bag. Superior 8 layer odor absorbing construction with TWO activated carbon layers between filtering non-woven fabric. Strong odors stay locked in

Dependable Weatherproofing

More than an odorless bag, because freshness matters. Thick Nylon D600 outer shell backed by water resistant PVC and scuba zips stop moisture getting in. Preserve strains, rain or shine

Locks to Secure Your Stash/valuables  

Keep your gear safe and private using our combination lock bag. Easy set up high quality 3 digit lock, directions included. Made seriously strong

Not Too Big, Not Too Small

Sized just right. With two roomy mesh pockets for your grinder card, lighter, pipe, rolling papers and baggies. Plus the big smell proof bags storage expands 3” to store more

Happy Hands Comfort Strap 

Flimsy straps that don’t hold up under weight? Not on our smell proof locking bag. Wide carry handle. Reinforced stitching. For a durable smell proof travel case on the go

Their Nose Knows Nothing

You’ve tried it all. Candles, incense, diffusers, air fresheners. Fact is, they still smell your herb. Ditch the stink with our no smell bags

ADD TO CART to smell like yourself again 

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