Our Mission

STASHAROO; Taking Cannabis Aroma Containment To New Height 

STASHAROO; Taking Cannabis Aroma Containment To New Height There is nothing like the highly aromatic smell of weed to an avid stoner. Unlike any other aroma on the planet, cannabis aroma is phenomenal. The musky, spicy, woody, peppery, citrusy, and tropical aromas evoke a sense of contentment, relaxation, and peace. However, even the most beautiful smell is not always welcomed by everyone. And that is why we have created STASHAROO. 
We are a New York City-based lifestyle brand dedicated to taking cannabis aroma containment to new heights. STASHAROO offers a selection of accessories to help you mask the cannabis smell that can't be ignored. Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or a curious newbie user, you probably ran into a scenario where you had to be crafty about your stash. Well, not anymore! As the desire for unapologetic ways to partake in marijuana increases, you no longer need to sift through head shop cases for shabby essentials like weed grinders or water pipes. As cannabis consumers, we understand the unique lifestyle needs of the contemporary stoner. So we've created an exceptional line of products featuring innovative odorless and antibacterial properties. From cases to bags, and other accessories, we strive to deliver high-quality products to fit stylishly—and seamlessly—into your lifestyle. 

Functional and stylish cannabis aroma containment

Inspired by our love and passion for cannabis, the STASHAROO story began a little over 2 years ago. Knowing the stigma that comes with cannabis consumption, we set out to create a better smell-proof storage experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Also, as a New York City-based lifestyle brand, we bring an element of New York City hip-hop culture through our style and designs choice. Discreet yet bold, casual, and fun, we hope you can extend your sense of self-expression and convey to others the tribe to which you belong. Ultimately, we want our customers to feel good from the moment they take that pleasurable hit to confidently store their stash. 

Meet the founder

Born in Brooklyn to a Dominican single mother, Daniel J T. has always had an artistic vision. Growing up in the 80s seeing unique styles and crafts has influenced him to see graffiti art in a different light. The colors, graphics, and shapes have inspired the way he sees aesthetics in everything he creates. Throughout his career, Daniel has been floating between the two worlds of 80s graffiti culture and the peak of NYC 90s fashion. Over the years, he has worked closely with creative designers in researching and developing fabric materials. Daniel spent over two decades of his life working in the NYC garment district. During that time, he worked for some of New York's iconic fashion houses, including Calvin Klien, Issac Mizrahi, Marc Jacobs, Badgley Mischka, and Donna Karen DKNY. Working side by side with some fashion creative director legends, in an exciting, competitive, and fast-paced industry, Daniel has developed a deep understanding of the fashion industry. Thus it wasn't a surprise when he decided to take on the world of cannabis aroma containment fashion accessories. However, the real motivation for what Daniel does comes from the need to destigmatize cannabis consumption. After witnessing some of his dear friends go through all the stigma, he wanted to create a solution. Not only save many consumers' lives but also allow them to be discreet and stylish. A visionary by nature, Daniel aspires to create something greater far beyond his dream. An outlet for the voiceless. And meaning to the cannabis community. 


As STASHAROO grows and expands, our vision is to set new standards in the industry. From our style, designs, and effectiveness, we aim to be recognized as a leading lifestyle brand in the cannabis space. Above all, we hope to collaborate with non-profit organizations dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform as we advocate for those affected by the war on drugs.