The Stasharoo Smell-Proof Stash Bag: Keeping the Scent of Cannabis Discreet and Undetectable

When it comes to Cannabis, a lot of controversy surrounds the legality of the plant’s use, its commercial availability, and the quantities that persons are allowed to have on them at any one point in time.

Even as more states in the country move towards legalizing the commercialization and mainstream use of Cannabis, the prolonged period of time for which it has been considered taboo has resulted in some stigma that not even its legalization has been able to redress.


As a result, this stigma has made it fairly difficult to be in possession of Cannabis. Whether it is dealing with public disapproval, being harassed at work, or being unfairly targeted by authorities as a potential offender, having Cannabis can result in unwarranted, adverse consequences.

This is why the Stasharoo smell-proof bag comes as a timely and much-needed solution to these woes. Specially designed to contain the scent of even the most pungent Cannabis, this stash bag enables users to keep their possession of Cannabis completely discreet and private.

Built Different

The producing company’s tagline “Built Different” is a testament to its commitment to create a unique stash bag solution that is more efficient than other products in the market. This is made possible by the bag’s sophisticated structure and design that reflects innovation at its best.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of how the Stasharoo smell-proof bag has been made to ensure that Cannabis users no longer have to deal with the challenges that come with external detection of the substance’s smell;

1) Odor-proof

The Stasharoo stash bag is undoubtedly one of the most efficient odor-proof stash bags in the market. This can be attributed to the bag’s elaborate material design that consists of eight alternating layers of active carbon fabric and filtrable non-woven fabric unlike typical smell-proof bags which usually have only five layers.

This double-lined carbon material design helps to ensure that the scent of the contents inside does not escape and become detectable. The suppressor technology is further enhanced by an inner protective layer mesh thereby keeping the smell of Cannabis trapped, controlled, and discreet.

2) Water resistance

What is even more appealing about the Stasharoo smell-proof bag is that it is water resistant/repellent. This is because besides the active carbon fabric that makes up its layers, the bag also has a nylon outer layer with PVC that does not let water permeate through.

As such, this water-proof material ensures that the stash bag does not absorb and retain water at all. This protects the contents of the bag and keep them dry at all times hence preventing any damage. After all, no one would want their cannabis getting all soaked and mopped up, right?

3) High Quality

The Stasharoo Smell-Proof bag is entirely designed with your individual needs in mind. We have used materials of the highest quality to not only ensure that it is odor-proof but to also make it durable.

As such, your stash bag will last for long without getting all worn out and unappealing. That will give you optimal utility and you know what’s more? It could also become a beloved personal collectible that you will just enjoy possessing—like a family heirloom, artifact, or souvenir.

4) Versatility

While the Stasharoo smell-proof bag is primarily made to hold cannabis and prevent unwanted parties from knowing that someone is in possession of the substance, it is versatile and one can use it for other purposes too.

This is because the Stasharoo stash bag is large enough in size to accommodate a host of other essential items including phones, wallets, cardholders and even snacks. It also has inside mesh pockets that can comfortably fit and hold accessories thereby keeping them safe and organized.

The Ultimate Odor-Proof Stash Bag

The Stasharoo bag is the ultimate smell-proof stash bag that all Cannabis users should have. Whether it is for medicinal or recreational use, this stash bag has been designed to ensure that possession of Cannabis remains completely discreet at all times. The bag also has a combination lock to prevent unauthorized access as well.

Therefore, people will no longer have to worry about the stigmatization and association with criminality that having a pack of smelly Cannabis elicits. Whether it is at the workplace, on the road, in public spaces, or even at home, this stash bag will always guarantee your privacy.

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